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Petal, petal…


Petal, petal as you peep into this world of ours,

From your cozy pink blanket,

I pray that we will not disappoint you,

That you long to wither away before you even bloom!

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Can’t help but share this beautiful read!

I knew my state was not in the path of the solar eclipse which occurred across the United States yesterday, yet we did experience a couple minutes of semi-darkness and silence. At the same time, I had my television tuned to the coverage of this amazing event and was awed by the fact that for four […]


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Seek HIM first!

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Lost again

I have fallen again

Oh devil, the pleasure you gain

I have lost it

But I ain’t boast it Continue reading “Lost again”

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Gratitude – The Power Tool

Found this inspirational. A good read.

Oh! And don’t forget to visit my thank you blog at A thank you Everyday. It’s been 221 days and I still haven’t run out of things to be thankful for.

Erika Kind


“What shall I be thankful for? My world is only illness, disappointment, and work. I am abused and money is always rare.” It doesn’t always sound bad when asking some people what they are thankful for. Sometimes it even appears many people are actually defending themselves against finding something in life they could be thankful for. It would destroy their negative picture of the world. And this is exactly the origin of their black perspective. Concentrating on the injustice in the world, the own frustration, fear, suffering, or addictions doesn’t let anything else appear. Although it is there it is not recognized.

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