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Overflowing gratitude

And this is how is doing..

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A thank you, Every day

The pic says it all

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A thank you, Every day

Well, this is something I wanted to do for a long time and finally got enough time and energy to make it happen. Yay to me!!

It is always good to learn to be thankful and find the silver lining of every cloud. However, it is not so easy when you have one of those horrible, no-good days.

I guess that is what makes this a challenge. 

So, I took up the challenge for posting one thing every day, to be thankful for.

After a lot of nerve wrecking blog set up, I finally got another WordPress site set up for the same.

Migration of posts from my Tumblr blog is still going on and hence the posts are not quite up to date. But it is published and open for visits and follows.

Check it out @ Athankyoueveryday

Join me with the tag #athankyoueveryday

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Dry flowers

Random clicks

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Dear Jesus, Happy New Year 2017

Worth reading…Out loud..God bless

Gadol Elohai: Father's Service, Son's work, Spirit's gift

Dear Jesus, Happy New Year 2017.

Thank you for blessing me all the days of my life and being with me through all the hurdles. You showed me grace and helped me to know your words. Thank you for taking me to a journey with you no matter how weak I had been following your will and commands.

Thank you Jesus, for this New Year 2017 and blessing my family members with your spirituality and love by giving us YOUR Holy Spirit and  shining your face on us when ever we called you for help. There was a time, when I did not understand your ways due to my childish ways, but today when I look back, you disciplined me for my goodness and well-being.

Thank YOU Father, for bringing me to this New Year 2017 to see your better days. Not my will, but your will be done. Thank…

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Another year, another opportunity, another resolution