My life


Finally… An all hush-hush blog just for me. Yes, its fun to write all the other blogs I do but not so much to let your family know that you are a total psychic. I guess I’d maintain that dignity all secured and start a new secret (shhhh…) with all the non-sense that pops up in my crazy head. Yea, so the only personal details you are gonna get of me are:

  • I am a 24-year-old female ( I debated on girl, lady n woman…In the end, ‘ female’ won :P.. Just like in all the arguments)
  • I just think and think a lot with a really really over active imagination
  • I do get insane moments frequently when all I want is to shrink deep in and DELETE all my works coz I really suck at everything!!
  • Yes, I am a devoted christian (with NO denomination..just a love for Jesus and complete belief in the bible) and is not ashamed to say it out anywhere…even in a secret blog 🙂
  • Oh! another very important thing you need to know. I have really curly black hair that I love and hate at the same time

I guess these are all you need to know now. I’ll add more when it pops up into my neuronal wires. ( into medical profession :P)


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