My life


Well, I spent the last 1 hour thinking of what should be my first post.

As usual, my thoughts have traveled in circles ending up right where I began—–> with no clue at all!!

Then, after all, it’s a blog to record all my crappy nonsense. so does it really matter which comes first and which later? No!! It doesn’t. So I’ve finally decided on what I should write. My curly curly Hair!! 🙂 All this time I’ve been thinking on the topic for the blog, I’ve also been trying to straighten out a strand of hair caught in my left hand and did it straighten?? Nope!! Not even a teeny bit.

To all those with unruly curly hair, we form the team WILD. Not bound by social dogmas nor by the rules set to bottle up the most awesomest ( yes, I know the word doesn’t exist but it should!! :P) thoughts of a lifetime. Sometimes the little mad notions are makes your life beautiful.

I love the way I picture myself turning up at a very official meeting with my hair in the ‘just-got-up‘ style. No it’s not cool when you have hair like mine. You go to sleep with neat plaits to prevent tangled up mess and yet when you wake up, WOOO!! its like I spent the whole night pulling out strand by strand and tied them together! That’s the beauty of unruly curly hair.

Just imagine turning up like that!! Of one thing I am cent percent sure of : I will surely get the most attention there!! (unless someone turns up  with a toothbrush still in their mouth or with a razor in their beard or maybe without clothes….No! wait, the naked thing wont work coz that kind of thing has become fashion anyway). Omg! I had to think hard to squeeze out somethings that might stand out. It is hard as everything is accepted or maybe not ‘accepted’ but’ tolerated’ these days.

Why then wouldn’t I just be proud of my ‘get-up-and-go’ style? I wish I could but I’m the kind that doesn’t want to be tolerated. Oh no! my whining started!!


Ok, so I cut off my whining and I LOVE my hair. It might be unruly but it’s definitely hot when you come out of shower with wet curly strands ( i hope it is sexy coz all my stakes are on that one). And that’s the reason I DO NOT straighten my hair!!


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