LittLE JoYs!!

Today was one such day when I felt proud to be in the medical profession. The usual burdens of duty makes each day boring and tiring with almost nothing to cheer you up. But today was different.
I counseled a blind patient on how to take his meds. Oh! That doesn’t feel like something to boat and post about?? But it certainly was a notable experience for me! To give the tablets into his hands and help him feel it so he can remember which to take when, I felt ridiculously satisfied with the work I did today.
The way he got up and thanked me with praying hands (that’s the way they do it here when they show respect), there was something fluttering deep inside my monotonously beating heart.
As I always say (:P), it’s these little joys that makes up a life.
Yes! Am glad to be a pharmacist! 🙂


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