My prayers have adopted a new phrasing these days: 

“Lord, I ask for forgiveness for each moment my life didn’t reflect You. Help me not to do anything that You wouldn’t do”

The prayer just rolled off my tongue in a random prayer one day. The depth off it shook me up on second thoughts. Each time the phrase came up in my prayers, my brain would automatically rewind over the whole day.

It was like running through a computer game. The paths I travelled, I people I met, the way I dealt with each of them. It scared me off on how different my Lord would have reacted if caught in the same situations. 

???? ……Would He have shouted at that vendor on the street? Would He have lied to my professor when caught bunking? Would He skip thelonger talk with the Father and settle for the 2-min prayer just coz He wanted to sleep a bit more?…… ????

I guess, I need to add a tail to that prayer:

” Lord, give me the wisdom to think and act. To act like You would do. To think like Jesus would think”



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