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There is no greater risk than LOVING.

No, loving doesn’t limit to your boyfriend or girlfriend, I speak of the wide wild ocean of love. Love of a friend, neighbor or any dear one counts.

The first time you love someone and hold them close to your heart, its all happiness and joy. But as you grow older and situations change one after the other, you will have gone through a couple of heart breaking losses. The growing distance with a dear one pains a lot. The hurt will scar you for life and you end up swearing never to love again.

You promise yourself that none is gonna be let into that tall castle you’ve created around yourself. The walls will be too thick to break down. You switch on your inner radar that will spot anyone withing miles near your heart.

Yet, as the clock ticks on, someone else will pull that wall down and walk in. Again, you find yourself caught in the same cycle of loving and losing.

Though this keep on going in circles, we never quit. Though the torture you feel each time when someone dear to you walks away, you gradually hit on the fact that it is worth it. It is TOTALLY worth it. 

No fear of losing should hold you back from the thousand memories, the happy lovely memories you can make. 

In short, I do not put forth the pain of any loss as light. Rather I comment on the fact that it is WORTH it. 

Hence, go on…

Take the risk.

Love the one who has put in the effort to break down your thick-privacy-wall.

You might or might not have have them by your side tomorrow. It doesn’t matter either way.

You have them now..Right at this moment.

Let the lovely river of love flow out.

Enjoy this moment.

Make memories. Lots and lots of it.



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