HOPE for an ADDICT!!

Thousands of renewed decisions.

Millions of broken promises to yourself

Nights spend in heart breaking sobs.

Days you wish to fall into comatose slumber.


Those Cries of desperation.

The physical burden of guiltiness you carry.

That crashing helplessness you feel after each episode of losing the fight.

The hopelessness after you lose a zillion times.

The depression when all you can think of is death.


The worst of them all is the FEAR OF YOURSELF.

The moment you start being afraid to be YOU.

The understanding that you are not safe with yourself.

That’s when realization hits “I NEED HELP”


Hold on dears. You are NOT Useless, Hopeless or Worthless.

HOLD ON. Promise yourself that no matter what, you will FIGHT…till the very end..the end of losing and the beginning of WINNING..

DO NOT give up!!

Seek HELP if you need to.

You don’t have to do it ALONE. ( Most often, You CANNOT do it alone)

But NEVER NEVER give up.

Dont let any ADDICTION take you away. 

WE need YOU.. Yes, YOU!!!


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