Tiny acts of LOVE!!

The little acts of kindness you do can make someone’s day.

Its amazing to know that those kind gestures that are most appreciated do not require any heavy effort on our side. 

You just need to keep your eyes and ears open to sense any cries of help. The dab of care and the feeling of sharing can lighten not just the ones on the receiving side but those providing it too.

It is those moments that makes our life worthful (Yes, the word exists. I googled it 😛 ).

Go on..Cheer someone up today. Kindness lies in the small things you do without a thought of how it is gonna benefit you.

The way you press the lift button for an old man struggling to do it..

The pause in your walk as you acknowledge a mere acquaintance..

The little tilt in your umbrella to shade that baby sleeping in her mother’s arms..

The way you move a bit so a pregnant lady can sit comfortably..

That cute compliment on a little girl’s bow. (It can make her feel like a princess :))

All these can make someone feel like they matter. Sometimes that single thought alone can change their life radically.

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” ~ Oscar Wilde


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