Waiting is often the longest of all phases. Or so it seems.

It’s the most dreaded period when one just hangs on knowing or most often, not knowing what is in store for us.

Waiting could be for an admission, a job, a rise in career, the right one to come by, a baby or even  a change from current situations.

Waiting is a fight within oneself.

Every day, every moment we keep questioning ourselves on the very need to wait.

Thoughts of giving up transitions in between the will to wait.

Here is a thought to keep you motivated:

Sometimes it’s not the end of the wait that rewards us. Instead, what occurs in us during the wait.

Waiting reforms us into someone better.

Someone with a greater patience, hope and wisdom to look into the future.

Don’t give up.

Though the end of wait might not be as we hoped, it still has served a purpose: CHANGED US INTO A BETTER US!!


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