My life


Having convinced myself that my hair is not growing at all, I finally went to have a hair cut few days back. 

My hair has been at the same shoulder length for 5 years. Yes I do trim it once every other month but only very little.

Every time I brush it, I keep hoping against hope that it would grow a bit in length. 😐

People say it grows but curls inside so the difference is noticed. I must say I am not AT ALL convinced by that theory. My question is if it is so, then how come my hair grew till my shoulder. It should have just curled on my head right? ( Thank God it didn’t though but I do not think that would make anyone less beautiful). 

The point is I LOVE LONG HAIR.

More precisely: I WANT MY HAIR TO BE LONG 😦 😦

If anyone out there can suggest some hair manure ( Yes, I know of water, proteins and No, they havent worked) for long hair (NOT THICK HAIR…LONG…loonnnnnngggg)

😀 NOPE! I DID NOT have the hair cut. I ran off after asking a few nonsense questions..I still have my curly locks! 😀


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