My life


Yo Yo Google.

Scene 1: Kitchen

Looking at the veggies and freshly bought chicken; All the spicy masala ready in bottles; Waiting to be sprinkled in; Alone in kitchen; With a desire to mash up something new; A change from routine curry; Mom not picking up phone; It’s night where grandma is; Aunty is at work; Stuck; Whom else to call for help?? My cute pink phone blaring ‘some random song at its whim’ is spotted.

Yep! Google is not too busy to help 🙂

Scene 2: Duty hours

Bustling ward; Nurses rushing off on duties; A junior doctor almost hits me down as he runs towards; Straight but tough question ‘What clinical significance does the interaction of clopidogrel and proton pump inhibitor have?’; Static for a moment; Ticking brain; ‘Yes they interact. Yes Pantoprazole is the safest of them all in this instance. But clinical significance???’; No med apps talks on it or its management; Need to refer journals; Library too far to rush to; Stuck again!!

Yep. Google to the rescue. Google it. Get pubmed articles.

Scene 3: National highway

Deserted road; Interview place listed is not to be found; Office receptionist not picking up calls; Stuck in the middle of nowhere;

Google maps to the rescue

Scene 4: Textile

Trying to convey what model salwar you have pictured in that fantasy mind of yours; Sales girl fed up as you have no clue to the name of the model; The lengthy, ready to stitch one? The short with flared pants? Nope! She needs the name of the model and ask you know is that actors worn it on last week’s magazine front cover!!

Thank God, Google remembers everything!!

Scene 5: Church

Preparing a quick sermon; The verse you need is crystal clear in your head but without reference; Asks a few elders; Yep, they know the different versions of the verse. No, they don’t know the reference; Need to be on pulpit in another 10 mins;

Yes. Google reads bible too.

It’s a wonder how Google has my life covered.

“When in doubt, ask Google”

has become my new motto.

Wondering, just wondering… How did people live before Google??

A big salute to you all!! For surviving without this great life saver!!



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