Theory vs. PRACTICAL

Yes, I did ask the Lord to reflect in me.

Yes, I prayed that His character be projected through me.

Yes, I longed to be like Jesus.

I knew it would be tough.

But still…

A few days back, I was so angry at a dear one that I decided to do something that might not reverse what made me angry but would at least soothe my anger a bit. I knew it would hurt the person yet my anger was bubbling up so much that I decided to act upon it. I took my phone and was halfway through unleashing my anger when I heard a small voice asking “Do you think Jesus would have done this?”

Woooo…Where did that come from??
(The WhatsApp smiley with hands on my head  :P)

And that’s the END of my story..
More like when I prayed that simple prayed, I should have known… like really really really known that it is gonna be the END of ME and the BEGINNING of HIM in me..


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