My life

Thoughts out of FOOD POISONING!!

Down with food poisoning..AGAIN!!

Though the stomach aches and frequent visits to you-know-where are not so happy moments, staying with friends make the pain less and fun more 😀 especially when everyone in the room is sharing the pain.

Sometimes I think more than I miss my home, I will miss all this fun and independence that I enjoy out here (my internship ends soon and I will pack back to home :()

This is when I acknowledge the value of FREEDOM. 

I understand why old people fear to be bed ridden for the fear of loss of freedom. 

I now understand why people are scared to marry after an awesome bachelor life!!

I understand why some people go for risky self-business while you could just put in your resume at any well established firm.

I understand why India fought for her independence (Jai Hind)

Going home would take away all or most of my freedom..

Freedom to express any nonsense you want…

Freedom of nights spent on terrace talking…

Freedom to go out and eat anything you feel like at anytime (that’s what crazy friends are for)

Freedom to spend all-nighter with your laptop..

Freedom to cook anything anytime with any ingredients (bought instantly)..

Freedom to buy dark n bright coloured clothes (White n Yellow are my parents’ favorites)

Freedom to eat lays with anything and everything (even Icecream)

Freedom to laugh, skip and sleep all day without a chanting of ‘Girls don’t do this’

I do miss my home…my parents and my naughty siblings and love them more than anything, which is probably why I sacrifice all this and visit them anyway!!

Hence concluding my post from FOOD POISON to FREEDOM 🙂


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