My life


I miss cartoon network!

The little girl who loved Tom and Jerry.
I was one of the weirdos who loved Tom rather than the smart Jerry. My sympathies always went for Tom who suffered a zillion injuries and YET could never win. Maybe I found a little of myself in him.

Anyway, back to cartoon network…

The Flintstones were my favorite. Something weird about the show made me sit glued. I might still sit if you put Flintstones on..Who knows!!

Dexter’s laboratory…How I hated his sister!! I like my personal space and doesn’t like anyone meddling with my work!! I could totally related to Dexter when Dee-Dee squirmed in.

The show would the strong handsome character..Yes i googled the same coz I forgot his name (Just the ‘strong’ and ‘handsome’ stayed with me  :P). Johnny Bravo!! Somehow I think of Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S when I see Bravo’s pic now.

Scooby Dooooo…At first I wouldn’t watch it coz it scared me ( I still don’t watch scary shows. I love my SLEEP). But I loved their title song!!

Powerpuff girls!! i am not much into super hero type of things but I kinda learnt to love this show on the way to adulthood. It was fun to have break from reality and wish that you could actually fly for a while…and offer help ( I think the flying part is much more fun!!)

Yo!! I forgot Popeye the Sailor man!!! ( I sang that in the sing song way his name is pronounced and I bet the 90’s kids to say the name without the tune playing out in your head) :D. But I HATE spinach……till this very day.

Thats all I can brush up from memory. 🙂

😦 Missing ’90s cartoon network! 😦



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