TIME to think of TIME!!!

A moment once lost will NEVER come back…NEVER EVER!!!
We all advocate the value of time and like all the FB posts on valuing your precious time.
More than often, laziness glues us back to the couch when you could have done a thousand other things.
Learn to value your time. You don’t have all infinity to LIVE. 
I DO NOT shout for “All work and No play”. Yes, Play is necessary. So is relaxation. (I love to sleep)
But don’t waste your whole life playing.
“Put your seeds where people can eat the fruits someday”
( Wow..I made that one up right now)
Set your priorities.
I love this: Spend time with your family. Your work wont cry for you at your funeral.
None cares about all the revolutions you made in your life. All they care about is what achievement you made in THEIR life.
Take home message: You are older than you were when you started reading this post!! 😛 Older and a step closer to gray hairs and walking sticks. 😐

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