My life

All grown up!!

Here are some signs that you have finally grown up.

  • You realize there are more younger ones than elder people at your youth church
  • You start to admire elders for having survived it all
  • Your bank balance scares you as it doesn’t really with your PLANS ( Coz you have Plans instead of FANTASY)
  • Your dreams have become practical but frugal. You just shed all those fairy tales on the way
  • You accept that mom’s cooking is the best!! (No tasty treats can match it)
  • You consider jeans as casuals and not formal wear!!
  • You respect your brother’s obsession with football and make him popcorn during a match. 😀
  • Your eyes look for men rather than Boys!!
  • A respect for the old and wise comes right from your heart
  • You understand health is your BEST asset
  • You imagine yourself in the shoes of the ones you hate the most and try to justify their actions
  • You no longer care for gossips.
  • You realize silence is a strong weapon and it hurts
  • You realize you have wasted all your life doing NOTHING!!

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