No moRe waiTinG!!

I’ve realized that the longer the I wait for peaceful and plentiful time to blog, the longer it’s gonna be for my next post to come out.
I bet it’s another kind of destination happiness to wait till everything else clears so you can start on your passions.
If such a tiny matter if blogging keeps getting postponed, I wonder how long will it finally take me to enter into my field of real passion!
Will I be stuck forever in this area of livelihood earning and never get into the world of words, colours and decorating. 😦
I hope the dream does not die nor that I take my dreams to my grave!!

But as someone wise once said:
” Do not hope!! Make it happen!! “

Hence here I am.. Ready to post snippets of posts on the way.
Excuse me if the featured images are not cropped correctly… the alignment is not so right… the quotes don’t come out as such… and stuff like that..
I promise to edit and make it all nice and beautiful once I finally get lovely dates with my laptop in peace. 🙂


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