My life

Stupid FAN!

Of all the things to stop working, the ceiling FAN in my room is the latest.

In a tropical country like India, even a day without fan is kinda hell….and its been 3 days without fan here.

Oh, it does try to rotate when switched on…well, after a lot of probing with the end of the mop (that’s the only thing that reaches up to the ceiling)..and when it does rotate it just makes sure it disturbs no homeostasis of the nature. ( I just meant its toooooooo slow… :()

And how do I manage to live these 3 days??

With wide open windows!!

Aha. The windows that just throws on a welcoming party for all the mosquitoes in the entire city. Mosquitoes that seem to think that they can carry me out through the windows.

So here I am. Lay me down to sleep. Under a mosquito repellent! With open windows that brings in lightly chilled (just very lightly..) air.

Good night people…hopefully with no mosquitoes and cool air that lulls you to sleep


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