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It’s OK to be diFfereNT

Uniqueness is not a curse, its a boon.

Never long to be like a normal person. It was never meant to be so.

You were created to STAND OUT!!

(Yes, I know it is not always fun to be different.)

Our universe favors the same design everywhere and in everyone. But just open your eyes, LOOK around. Nothing is similar. 

No two leaves look the same.

No two days bring the same memories.

No two birds sing the same way ( or maybe chirp the same way…esp in the mornings…yea….I am not a morning person)

You see? Not even two twins are completely alike.

That’s how the creator meant it to be.

 So what you are is the way it was meant to be.


Don’t worry about what people think if you don’t DO it LIKE them. 

However hard you try you wont be able to do anything completely like someone else anyway. YOU are gonna end up adding your tiny touches of changes all the way.

If so, WHY bother??

Just go on and DO it your way….from the very beginning till the very End.

That way you can at least BOAST of yourself at the end 😀


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