Thank You LORD

I never cared for all the life philosophies and those motivational thoughts you find splattered all over the internet.

For me, it was all jumbo-mumbo that only some bird-brained people took seriously.

People kept talking about the value of life..the grateful heart each of us should have..the priceless things in life..blah blah…

None of it would reach into my heart.

It took me an ICU posting to see everything for what they really know the value of the stuff we carelessly take for VALUE life..

I saw people with everything (money, beauty, family and all they ever needed) lie in 6 feet beds helpless to move even a finger on their own. They need support to breathe; their heart required drugs to beat; they were just struggling to be alive.

Now everyday I wake up saying:

” Thank God am alive and healthy..This is the greatest miracle of all”


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