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There was a time in my life when this was my motto..Can’t say it wasn’t worth it coz that is one of the powerful one-liners I’ve ever heard.

We love boasting on the ability and power of our God when someJthing improbable happens and things change for good. 

We thank and give Him the glory for the little things we know God provided for us or the difficulties He pulled us out and such.


When it comes to HUGE and IMPOSSIBLE matters, we often doubt the capacity of our all POWERFUL One.

We wonder if it’s worth praying for coz it’s, you know, kinda not going to happen.

We cease to believe that God CAN and He WILL do anything and everything.

We forget that NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE for Him.

We start looking for all kinds of human sources and give up in the end.

We no longer believe in MIRACLES nor WONDERS.

Instead it’s all FATE now.

But people out there, can we still hold onto Him  ” The God of IMPOSSIBLES” “The MIRACLE worker” ?

There is NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING that is impossible for HIM.

If He can open ways where there is no way, why DON’T you trust in Him to split the OCEAN in front of you so you can hop along on dry land.

HE CAN and HE will.

We have an AWESOME God.

DO NOT let your disbelief LIMIT HIM

May this revelation lead us forward:

Job 42:2

“I know that you can do all things, And that no purpose of yours can be restrained.


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