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I do know I sound a bit harsh with the title.

Yet, I wanna stick with it.

Coz, the sharp edge of that phrase is what struck me when I heard it from my heavenly dad.

It was a sad day when I was waddling in self-pity AGAIN!!

……Counting of all the hurts, all the things that went wrong, every moment of pain I could possibly remember….

…..Making it all an excuse to stay back from the Lord…

That was when His voice boomed in…

 “The longer you waddle in this sorrow not letting go and let me heal you, the longer it takes for me do my ministry through you..

And the longer you delay it, the longer the hopeless souls around you drown in sorrow and pain”

And that’s when I realised the selfishness of my stubbornness…

It was not just about me all the way…

I needed to give it all up to the healer instead of holding on to my pain…I needed to get healed…

And not just for me, I needed to do it for the thousands and probably millions that should be reached through me…

That was a new lesson, a new way of looking at things…

With tears, I laid down at His feet…

Myself and…



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