All geared up for 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all ye who listen though tired of hearing it a hundred for the past few hours 😀

Wishing ya’ all an awesome year ahead. 

Let’s keep working on…towards making this world a better place 🙂 ( or atleast stop making it such an awful mess)

‘N today is one of those days I hate to open my FB newsfeed for fear of crashing my system with the wishes we shout out there.

I love being wished, from birthdays to day-by-day anniversaries; but why don’t I feel wished when it is a “Happy new year to all my friends and family who read this post”??? :O

My question, does it really matter if you don’t post on there?

Will someone at least notice you haven’t put out a declaration of  happiness wishes to the internet world?

But hey, it doeth harm nobody 🙂 ; so why bother with all the brain racking.


Will someone really really really notice if I disappeared from the ‘world wide web’ one day? 😦

Ugly question as we already know the answer 😦

Its just that I do love facebook BUT I love my real life more.

Cheers to those who use the ‘www’ not to live but to learn. 


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