‘Tis all about taking tiny steps

As you take new resolutions to ‘Reduce weight’ (always on the top of the list huh?), ‘Spend judiciously’, ‘Religious workouts’ and all that good stuff that you don’t actually care much about, there are people around the world with simpler wishes and tiny hopes.

  • Just to spend one more day with their beloved as they fight sickness
  • Just to pass another day not going back to drug and the addictions that eat them up
  • Just to have another sight of their kids before they close their eyes forever
  • Just to find something for today’s dinner
  • Just to somehow tide over this winter with one worn-out sweater
  • Just to have another moment, another day, hopefully another year before death tears them apart.

I am not against any resolutions as long as they are good.

But, can we just take one step at a time?

To enjoy this day.

To share this moment with your loved ones.

To give up money for happiness.

To learn how to laugh again.

Just today. One tiny step at a time.

Tiny meaningful steps.

Can we live in the moment rather than in the past or the future?

Set short term goals to reach your long term ones.

Don’t just plan for an entire year within minutes.

Tiny steps..tiny ones at a time.


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