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When people all around the world is celebrating the year end and of course the new beginning, here I am writing out a new post for my half-hidden blog 😀

And NO, that doesn’t label me as pathetic. That just means I have two hands with very able fingers, electricity to plug in my laptop and YEAH, a working internet connection. The last one ought to put me in the class of the BLESSED and PRIVILEGED. 😀

So yeah, am THANKFUL. 🙂

Thankful to be with my family after long 6 years of staying away from home (though am Stuck here Jobless, but hey!! No GRUMBLINGS!!)

Thankful to have finished my post grad degree and finally a PHARMACY DOCTOR!!

Thankful to have had such an awesome year filled with all varieties of fun, memories and tiny yet wrecking experiences too.

In the end, here I am FREE and THANKFUL.

Have a great year end readers and hoping I can pop in for a Happy new year wishes tomoroow. But just in case I don’t, here you go:

“ Advance new year wishes, with bunches of joy, hugs of love and tons of celebrations!!!”


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