Another milestone!!

50 posts??


I didn’t think I would make it so far.

But I did, Yay!!!

My sincere apologies for having disappeared for quite a while though.

I had a busy schedule that kept me non-stop on track.

Now, I  am back home from 6 years of wonderful event-filled college life and it feels like I left a part of me out there. I miss the family I had out there. Church, college and room…I had a family at each of these places.  Really missing everyone out there but Yeah!! Life has to move on. 

The weirdest of all is what I miss the most from there: MY BUSY SCHEDULE. :O

I barely had time to think in between all the crazy but fun moments there. And now? All I do is think and think and think. And thinking too much is baaaad…really bad..

That is what they say:


It’s like you had a thousand tiny shadowy thought minions that were just waiting to come out.

So no more of those idle moments. I AM gonna get BUSY.

My paintings and crafts will fill this room…soon 😀


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