My life


The tiniest gestures of love

As you tuck my hair away when my hands are messy

I want that love


The look of concern etched in those eyes

When I get sick and whiny

I want that care


The face of despair

As I cry over things you can’t heal

I want that concern


The hug of comfort

When I am down and worn out

I want that to revive


The pride swell of your chest

As you show me off as yours

I want to feel belonged


The embrace of protection

When I whimper in the darkest nightmares

I want to feel protected


The smile on your handsome face

As you see me after a tiring day at work

 I wanna make you smile

The peace as we hold hands together

To take it all in prayer

I want that more than anything else said


The joy of loving,caring and comfort

As we walk together

I want to share all those with you


The wait is precious

As we ripen for the best

I keep spinning more dreams of love


Wherever you are my guy

Come home when the time is right

I will be on my knees, waiting in prayer


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