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RUN for Your LIFE!!


To stand and watch how sin ends up is not your job.

Once you find yourself in a situation where sin is abound and suffocating, AWAY is the only way out.

Don’t stand and wait to see if you can test yourself for some more time in temptation.

To walk by the way, maybe just near to the pit of sin you once fell is not such a great idea.

Nor is standing and watching by the paths of waywardness.

Unless you are there to help someone out, don’t slow down at all.

Walk. No!! RUN! Run away from temptations!! Especially the ones that once kept you captive.

Avoid occasions that put you at the doorstep of temptations.

For the fall is in a jiffy and sin will do the rest. It is a sucking moss that drains out and leaves you dry and guilty.

Run from it. Run away.

Don’t stop to look back. That’s what happened to Lot’s wife!!

You’ll end up as SALT PILLARS!! Dead and useless!!


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