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Dream or vision??

Standing before a small crowd of around 50 teens and youngsters, spoilt by the church that they no longer come to worship Him; instead to have a gossip time aka fellowship, peek at their crushes and have some show-off time.

My heart went out to these young people who should be on fire for the Lord; the ones who should be jumping around when we sing “How great is our God”; the very ones who should be lighting the lamp for the next revival.

Instead I see lazy glances and tired sighs as a sloppy sermon is being preached. These people are bored and its not their fault. There is nothing interesting them here anymore.

All the church has is a couple of traditions with no biblical base and some weird schedules followed week after week that never changes.

How long since the spirit has moved in freely in this space? How long has it been that our generations have seen a breakthrough of anointing in here? How long have they been waiting to see something new, something powerful happening within this holy space called church?
Church has merely become an adult space of politics and word-fights. It has lost it’s purpose.
A church which fails to hold back its youngsters from turning atheistic can no longer work to reach out to new souls.

Yeah, I was then given a choice.

To speak to this bored crowd of people in their prime. To speak about the concept of holiness which was, is and forever will be the toughest subject ever to be preached.

Standing at the pulpit, I froze as I felt the immense flood of His love flowing to these kids. It was so overwhelming that words were no longer needed. Sobs broke out from all around.
As my 15 minute sermon merely held the love of God, His standards of holiness, the joy of yielding it all to Him and the need for voluntary decision to stand holy and upright no matter whatever happens around; it was no longer possible to stand there and talk.

These people were in need of love, longing for a touch of comfort and I knew for certain that only one person could satisfy these hearts. A person who was not religion but the epitome of pure love. A Father who waits for the prodigal son; A son who had You and Me on mind as He gave up His life for the rebellious us; A comforter always longing to walk with you and work through you. The trinity God so in love with us.
This love was beyond all understanding and it flowed. Yes it did; it filled the room.

I saw confessions in actions. Kids cleaning up their cellphones of all the messy moss that gathered IN it over the years. Teens on their knees. Young men and woman sobbing their heart out.
As I walked into the crowd, hugging and praying, the powerful surge of His love to these broken hearts overwhelmed me, even physically.
A motion of complete surrender went through the room. It was evident by the way no one no longer cared about what his/her neighbour thought. It was just between him and His heavenly Abba.
The ones on their knees being touched by the invisible touch of His love, that was the most beautiful sight of it all.

Yes, this was what they needed.

Just a touch.
A touch so long overdue.
A touch of love.


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