No compromise!!

I’ve always been proud of myself as a pretty flexible person. I could adjust to anywhere with a clean bathroom 🙂 and sleep anywhere I felt secure. Luxury was outrated and I didn’t care. I could live as a Roman in any Rome 😀

But right now, I feel threatened.  There is just one area where I never want to compromise. One area where I want more and more and will never be okay to settle for less. The only area where I will be greedy and proud of it.

My spiritual culture.

That’s some area that I never want to compromise on; Somewhere I never thought I would be asked to compromise on, given my circumstances.

But right now?

Yeah, it is being threatened of a huge blow and here I am on my knees, every single second I get spare, so that I would never be asked to do it.

To all those who think surviving in the love of God is something you just do on your own and alone, I beg to differ. Yes, it lies within your decision. But certainly, it is influenced by the people around you, the church you are in and Yea, these can be uplifting as well as suffocating.

 And to those who think going to church every Sunday is just for crazy nuts, I beg to differ again. That’s the place of spiritual nourishment, fellowship and happiness that makes me long to stay even when the service is over.

So, here I am pleading on a second to second basis that Lord, I might never be asked to compromise on my spiritual principles. I never will and the situations that put me in for the decision could turn pretty ugly. So praying and holding on to promises that He has something best and not the worst for me.

Lord, I want to grow more in Your love and never be in a situation where I feel suffocated and constrained from doing so.

Please help me take the right decisions and to hold on tighter to you, my Lord.

P.S: Would love it if I could get some prayer support on this matter :). Thank You and God bless You all.


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