The first time this phrase came into mind, I thought it was something I heard somewhere else. I didn’t give it much of a thought until years later; the phrase came back to me again.

I googled it (Of course, that’s our updated encyclopedia now) and yeah I found some phrases of the similar nature : ‘Heaven’s hug’ ‘Hug from God’.

So, what is this ‘HOLY SPIRIT HUG’?

I remember the first time I experienced it.

It was years back when I was walking on the border of ‘theism-athiesm’. It was a pretty rough time and that night was particularly so. I was worn out by things that were going on. Sleep had become an enemy and I was staring like a lifeless doll into the tiny alarm clock on my desk for One hour and 30 minutes straight. I was not crying nor praying for it felt pointless to do either.

And that was when I felt it. I FELT SOMEONE HUG ME FROM BEHIND. It was like His warm arms were swallowing me in its embrace. It felt safe. It felt comfy. It felt more than REAL.

It was as if heaven had come down and filled my room. That moment made me realise what DIVINE PEACE meant.

And, the hug continued.

I am certainly NOT exaggerating when I tell it was REAL than REAL. It was the most vivid experience of my life.

If you had come into the room and pinched me, that would have been less real; you would have been less real.


I was not dreaming and there is nothing more in this world that I am more certain of.



It took me years to have an experience like that over again. All the while I waited for it..I yearned for it.

For nothing in this world could compare to that hug from heaven.

Then I had it again…and again…

And the most recent? Here it is:


So, what is this holy spirit hug??

It is literally the hug from heaven.

You feel a warm embrace that is so real that you never want that to end.

You might be praying when it happens, you might be not.

It is not merely the presence of God you experience in your prayer room. It is not the power of God falling on you like the Shekina. Those are all real and great.

But this is not it. This is LITERALLY A HUG!!

A hug that makes you feel comforted in your worst times.

A hug that makes you feel safe when fear is all you have.

A hug that gives you hope when all hope is dead.

A hug that brings you back to life!!

A hug, so vivid that you wanna go running about screaming “He hugged me, He really did”


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