My grave is sufficient!!

And…………………………….No, I did not get the spelling wrong 🙂

Right now, I am reminded of the book title : God of small things by Arundhati Roy. ( no , I haven’t read the book and its not about the book, just the title)

I think we are a bit stubborn in acknowledging the God of tiny things and the God of huge things.

We believe He can do wonders but wonders in the sense that those  things that are difficult to be done but not entirely impossible.

For instance, your average child slamming up a scholarship or your next door neighbor being kind all of a sudden, your partner finally spending time with you. These are all plausible but not the impossible.

I think, we have OPTIMIZED God over the years.

We believe He can do things, things that are plausible; things not to be called as MIRACLES though.

And that’s when He told me about the ‘Sufficiency of GRAVE’.

He said, “My child, wasn’t my grave sufficient?? Wasn’t my resurrection sufficient to convince you? Why do you still doubt me when you have an empty tomb as proof?”

Who else is strong enough to overcome the bondage of death and resurrect on HIS own?
Who else has the POWER OF RESURRECTION within?

And Yet, we doubt this God. We doubt whether He can heal, He can transform lives, He can do miracles……?????

Stop limiting God with your doubts.

Faith is the only currency that is accepted in heaven. Use it.

Stop doubting Him.

Wasn’t His grave sufficient?


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