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Impossible transformation!!

I never quite believed in the concept of transformation. I knew God could change people.

From gangsters to missionaries and Drug addicts to evangelists.

But transforming me??? Ummmm…doubtful.

I thought I was beyond repair but He accepted me in anyway.

'He looks set in his ways, but I can change him.'
‘He accepted me into training’

It occurred to me only recently that, I had changed…DRASTICALLY..


From the ever doubting_THOMAS to the water walker_PETER…That is pretty huge for me

I belonged to the half empty group and NOW?? More_than_half_full category.

From the never ending nightmares to sleeping in His arms..GIANT leap!!

From the complainer to the crazy one who thanks joblessness as leisure time 🙂

From the one eager to be loved to the one eager to share HIS LOVE.

It might not seem too big for everyone. Oh but it is. For me, these changes have been huge. I feel like I don’t know the old ME anymore.


I am transformed.


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