My life


It was my graduation last week. Finally bid bye to six years of fun and merriment. 😦

Well, it wasn’t all fun. The six years had its own share of tears, dejection and depression (especially in the first few years.)

So what happened after the first few years?

I grew up!!

‘N I learnt quite a lot of lessons, a few being:

  • No one (Well, almost none) cares if you are happy or sad. They just want to be surrounded by happy people. No one likes an ever-sulky person.
If you find the 1% who think out of this box, You are blessed indeed.
  • So yeah, keep your sorrows to yourself and to a very few ‘close’ friends. Trust me if they care about you enough, they will know it even if you flash the brightest ‘fake’ smile.


  • It is not about how close you are to someone, it is about how long they will stay. A really close relation that lasts only 2 months is heart-wrecking! (Come on, you don’t have that one friend who has been like a rock for years and you rush to him/her when you really need someone; yet you can’t be counted as thick friends? That kind of friends, stay forever)


  • Yes, Some people leave and it does hurt letting people go. But it is okay. Life goes on!!


  • People talk nonsense all the time. About the weather, the world affairs, about politics and yes, about you too!! You can never shut the mouth of a gossiper unless you are willing to stoop down to their level. I wasn’t willing to do that and hence had to face my huge share of gossips.


  • Silence is indeed GOLDEN. The wise learns to keep their mouth shut even if makes them look like an IDIOT. It doesn’t bother them b’coz they know they are not idiots and that’s all that matters. It is not a university exam where you have to prove every gossip and useless theory a lie.

  • Time heals!! But sometimes the scars remain


Well, those are my lessons. You guys need not agree with me. Who knows, maybe even I will learn different ones on the way 😀

Well, anyway it was awesome after I got the initial stumbling blocks out of the way. I had a great family in church and class. You put 30-40 people in the same class for 6 years and yes, we ended up just like family. I miss every single one of them…seriously, every individual person!!


I miss our church and the bunch of holyspirit-sensitive people. We had wonderful worship sessions, practice sessions and get-togethers.

I miss everything about the past 1 year (best of the six years!!)

P.S: I am sorry if the post seems a bit personal. Well, I kind of feel alone in the middle of the sea, away from all this fun and had to get it out somewhere. :/

-Missing my family of six years :/


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