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How will my kids play?

After yet another night of siblings time where we are bowed to our touch screens and engrossed in the blasting music stuffed into our ears!!! Whew!!

So what Einstein predicted has finally come to pass


I wonder where the days of pillow fights and long talks flew to.

I wonder how the sibling fights will be after 10 years?


Will my kids know the joy of pillow fights?

Or will they sit next to each other and play COC?

Will they ever know the joy of punching each other and making up the next minute?

Or will they find sole pleasure in beating other at video games?

Will they ever learn to share and know what hand-me-downs are?

Or will we spoil them with one for each and only the brand new?

Will they ever know how awesome long talks with family are?

Or will they find comfort in the arms of strangers?

Will I ever execute the no-technology hour as I plan now?

Or will I let the modern world to teach and train them?


Will I think the same?? Or will I change too??


3 thoughts on “How will my kids play?

  1. I am grateful for technology and all the communicative advances it has allowed for us. However, every day now we walk an attenuated line between technological convenience and the loss of real human interaction. Another big question being how will we grow and learn-if not from real experiences?

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  2. Very provocative questions you are asking. Looking to what differences the future generations will be subject to are always scary. Trust that the love we have for our children to see them through, and trust that generation to live their lives well.

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