Lesson No. 1098

Teacher: Mrs.Pimple Wrong-place

Student: Me 😦


Sometimes, nothing works out despite being how smart or brilliant you are. Your friends of lesser talents and brilliance might seem to be enjoying life while you toil just to make ends meet. Often, you sit wondering what went wrong?

Did I choose the wrong profession? Did I choose the wrong place to settle down? Did I move at the wrong time?

The answer might be any of those or something else altogether or too complicated to unravel.

I don’t know the solution of the problem either. The pimple didn’t teach me that. It just taught me this: “It hurts to be in the wrong place”

Summary: It doesn’t matter how good you are or how much more you might be able to accomplish but if you are stuck in the wrong place, IT HURTS!!

P.S: I am not saying a pimple is good. It is bad…very bad..No matter where it is!! 😛


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