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Computer without MOUSE??

Last day, I sat at our grandfather desktop computer (No, it is not that old though) and that is when I found out the mouse doesn’t work.

Oh, it is gonna be a pleasant change then. To use only the keyboard to work on a system that was designed to have a mouse-accessory.

But I did the work I planned by using only the keyboard (It is not that tough eh?)

This brought back memories from over 2 decades ago.

We had a 1980s MS-DOS based computer. There was no mouse then. Oh! Even computer was something of a rare commodity then.

I was a tiny little girl who was fascinated by technology and used to play games and work on the system. You had to use ‘C:/’ commands and stuff for that ( I don’t remember much now but I do know I was not bad at it).

And then one day, we got a new computer. On unpacking the hardware, something with 2 buttons and a roll underneath came out. I was like, “What in the world is that???”

Wha, wha, what!!??
What is that???

It was a MOUSE and it felt kinda weird when used for the first time. But yeah, just like everything else, we get used to it.

We got used to carry phones aka mobile phones 😀

We got used to touch phones which seemed like a miracle at first.

Now, technology doesn’t scare us anymore. Nor does it fascinate us.

But there was a time when computer did not have MOUSE!!

Really? Really.


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