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I was going through some old folders on our home computer and found out crazy stuff I did from over 10 years back.

I must have went powerpoint crazy because there are a bunch of presentations in there.

Even now, looking at those ‘*.ppts’, I remember the amount of hard work I put into it.

I had pictures drawn in paint to use for my presentations.

Seeing all the stuff, I wonder, “Why!! I was a genius. I should have reached greater heights by now. Then why am I still sitting here?” 😀

I am pretty sure, there are many (at least a few) wondering the same. You were pretty special when you were in kindergarten or primary school. You might have been a champion in high school and a star in college days.

In House MD, there is an episode with Taub and Foreman stuck in the records department and Taub acts ashamed of his perfect file. It must have been the best among all others, still he was ashamed of it. Why? Because back in the days, he thought he would be Dr. House and now he is working under him. He didn’t reach where he though he would.

Like Taub in House MD, we are now ashamed of our achievements because we never became what we thought or even dreamed we would become.

But, something tells me, I still have it in me.

There is only one person holding me back. ME!

Of ourse life must have happened and things might not look so promising now. You might never attain the heights of your dreams in the few years or few decades ahead. That is what common sense tells you. That is what the world tells you.

But it ain’t hurting anybody if you try huh?

The best we can do now might never be equal to the best if we did it then. But at least we could die trying than giving up.

Who knows maybe you will hit the jackpot now.

Everyday given is a second chance!! Let’s keep pursuing!!

As Aunt Bea tells Ramona in Ramona and Beezus, “YOU ARE EXTRAORDINARY”


(Yeah, I have been watching quite a lot of stuff these days. I was bored! :D)


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