Happy women’s day

I am NOT a feminist.

But, I stand for the rights of any human being.

I do believe that a person, regardless of their gender is capable of reaching great heights if they could set their minds to it.

If you are strong (physically, mentally and emotionally) and confident enough that you can achieve something, then Yes, You CAN do it.

Nothing else matters..

And, if there is anyone who is not okay with it, step aside.

If you can’t appreciate someone’s effort nor applaud their determination, you don’t need to do anything but to hold back from pulling them down.

As the basic bioethics says ‘First, DO NO HARM’.

Let the girl children live. Let them have education. Let them reach their goals.

Believe me, they WILL if you just let them.


To all the women out there,

Recognize your strength

Realize your worth


Yep, My quilling work 😉


You are beautiful

You are strong

You are priceless

Do NOT let anyone convince you otherwise.




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