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More than often, rejections and failures push us feel into the depths of worthlessness. We feel like our very existence is a waste and utter hopeless often invades into us. No matter how much the people around support us, there often remains the feeling of a lost sheep, wandering without an aim.

Many a times, I have asked these questions to myself:

“Why am I so valueless?”

“Why is my price-tag rated so low?”

“Why do I feel like am the most cheapest person on earth?”

“Why is my life so worthless?”

Then I heard a soft voice asking me one single question.

” Your price tag isn’t cheap. It is stamped with a price that cannot ever be compared to. The life of the Son of God. What more are you looking for???? “

I sat dumbfounded at that question: “WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?”

What more did I want??? Nothing. I could find nothing more valuable than the life of the only son of God.

A life that was sacrificed to save this yucky sinner girl!! A life laid down out of love for His enemies!! A death so low and pitiful did He gain for saving you and me!!


We are priced by the blood of Jesus (=the very Life of Jesus). Not even one of you are worthless… You were created for a reason and bought with the highest price of all.




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