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Crazy Freaks

Staring at an ocean

With a stick extended to the waters

The old man was crazy to the core

Stepping onto a turbulent water

On the word of what seemed a ghost

The fisherman seemed to have lost it

Sacrificing the long awaited blessing

An only son for a voice that speaks occasionally

The rich old guy was psychic

Building a big boat

Advocating waterfall from heaven

There was another lunatic

Asking a lame man to get up and walk

For he was spoken to with the name of a dead guy

The men sounded ridiculous

Standing in front of a tomb sealed 4 days ago

Asking the stone to be rolled away

The Lord sounded irrational

Following a master for double share

When he gets caught up to the heaven

The disciple was a queer one

Entering the presence of a king

Uncalled yet risking life for the family

She was an odd queen

Struck by a lightning

Heard an echo of a buried master

Revolutionary turned religious nut

Gathered in the name of a lost master

Awaited for a friend never heard of

The followers were an odd bunch

Master of hundreds was he

Yet humble to the master’s words

The centurion was a foolish one

Defiling the law of the land

With open window prayers

The fellow was fanatical

Watching the flames made extra hot

Yet declaring their faith strong and bold

The lads were of a peculiar kind

Banished to a far away island

Dreamed of the future

His favorite disciple was barmy

Challenging the prophets of the nation

Calling for fire from nothingness

The lonely prophet turned eccentric

Picked on as the bible nut

Glad to be in good company

Yes, I am a Jesus freak


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