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Happy world SLEEP day

wp-1458291090720.jpgI love sleep.

I mean, I reallllyyyyyy  reallyyyy LOVE sleep.

My sleep facts:

  • I need at least 8-9 hours of sleep to keep me out of crankiness and sleep deprivation- headaches.


  • I can’t sleep in a public place.
  • I finally mastered the art of sleeping in moving vehicles.
    Thanks to 6 years of education far away from home. It was a bit tough at first. I was all self conscious; ‘what if my mouth is open in sleep and people see it?’ ‘what if I look all frizzly (my hair..oh my hair) after sleep?’

imageBut after a while, ‘who cares what they think? I am not going to see them again’ 😀 and the sleep-filled travel began.

  • It takes me a while to sleep in a new place…or even an old place after a break.

I need to feel secure with the doors locked before I shut my eyes, no matter how tired I am.

  • I love sleeping in a large space where my sleep-rugby won’t hurt anyone. 😀
  • Nightmares…ohhh that foe of mine is retreating now..Thank God.
    But I still see a lot of meaningless dreams
  • I don’t hate pillows…but the sleepy me  just slides down and sleeps on the flat plains
  • I sleep with my eyes open..
    Well, not fully, but Yeah…Freaky? So my sister says; I haven’t seen it myself though 😀
  • I don’t take daytime naps but when I do, it equals to a whole night’s sleep.
  • I hate waking upto an alarm or any kind of wake up calls. I just like to wake up when my sleep is complete and the eyes open on their own…(Well, who doesn’t like that)


Nothing like a good night’s sleep.


There is one thing that I might willingly give up my sleep for…GOOD FOOD 😀


Anyway, that’s all for the post..

I am going to celebrate World Sleep day… Got a date with my blanket..

Goodnight..and for you guys on the other side of the world ‘Good morning’.

World sleep day is observed on the Friday of the second whole week in March


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