Sin is like a savage virus that just requires a tiny entry to eat you up whole and quick..

Just a minute pore that you refuse to close..
Just a harmless idol that you refuse to take down..
Just another habit like everyone else..

Not until you drown in the deep seas of guilt and shame will you realize it’s been pulling you down stronger than you ever thought it would.

It’s a termite that starts at the potentially harmless corners of your life and moves in…Eating up each limb until you are totally powerless..

Yet, it’s never too late..
It’s never too late to escape from SIN..

As long there is life in you, it is always possible to get get up and run, far away from the clutches of long holding sins..

Better still is to hold back from kneeling down to sin ever again..

Yielding to not even a tiny bit of compromise when it comes to keeping upto HIS standard of holiness.

Not your standard..not the world’s standard….and not even the Church’s standard.

But the Heaven’s standard of holiness.


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