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And cooking taught me this..

I like cooking but it is definitely not my passion.

And hence, the frequent mishaps. 😀

The occasional burnt toast, the soupy gulab jamuns, the dark-fried fish, half cooked curries and so the list goes on.


Perhaps it is these mishaps that has taught me a valuable lesson.

In cooking, a little late or a little early matters a LOT.

A quick trip to the bathroom can cost you an entire dish of French fries; they turn soggy and yucky!!

And thus the lesson learnt:


And not just in the kitchen…in life too.

It is often the wrong timing that has put us in awkward positions.

Even the right decisions when not at the right time can prove futile and often backfires.

Timing matters….a LOT!

Unless you want to end up burnt, soggy or half cooked, make sure the timing is right.

And yes, there are times when there is nothing you can do; Time is the villain and you can just gape at the mess it made.

And that is why I pray:

Lord, plant me @the right place, @the right TIME


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