Why would God put a restrain on Himself?

When God created man, He did so with the utmost care and love.

He imparted himself into their very being.

His breath, His likeness; He created them perfect and whole.

The power over the earth and all it beings were vested in them with love and trust.

He took absolutely nothing less to create the supreme beings of all.

And yet…

God took the greatest risk…..and imparted them with something that could ruin it all.

The human beings could break His heart and tear this whole place into a mess.

They could hurt, kick and fight among themselves and with their creator.

They could make everything meaningless and blank when they wanted to.

They could choose between life and death, good and bad, heaven and hell.

He gave them the power of choice.

He took the greatest risk and imparted them with HIS TRUST.

He gave them FREEWILL.





Why would He do that?

He gave life to them with his very breath; why couldn’t He just print His will on them too?


If you ever loved someone, would you have wanted them to love you back because they had to? Or because they WANT to??

That is all our Good Lord wants.

He wants you to love Him not because you have to but because you WANT TO.

marriage copy

HUMAN FREEWILL is an expression of GOD’S TRUST in them.                       

If only they could appreciate it so.


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