Better person challenge

Introducing weekly challenge: A better person challenge

So I am launching a weekly challenge, starting from today.

Please feel free to like, comment, respond and share it on.


No sharing = No caring 😀

Rules of challenge:

  • It is definitely not time bound.  If you are with me from the first, well and good. But if not, join in on any challenge, any time 🙂
  • You may share all the challenges or any particular challenge to any social platforms (Facebook, twitter, WordPress and so on) with a link to my original post (which will be added automatically if you are sharing from WordPress)
  • I look forward to your responses. Comment in with your feedback.  If you post any challenge experience on your blog , kindly add a link back to my original post.
  • Even if you can’t do a particular challenge, please share in your ideas on it. It might help those who participate

Encourage yourself…Encourage others

Kindly respond in with your opinions .

Let us strive to be better person, on a tiny scale, each week.


P.S : Challenge posts will be tagged as better_person_challenge. So be sure to follow the tag in your WordPress reader.


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