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Better to scroll than click

I hate those pages that ask me to click over and again for each of the ’10 stuff you need to do before 30′ or the’12 reasons relationships fail’ or whatever.

Well, my question is,”WHY CAN’T THEY PUT IT ALL IN ONE PAGE??”
Why make us click and wait till the #3, #4,….loads?

I usually give up half way so I am left with 4 tips or 5 to the maximum. I guess that leaves me inadequate in stuff to do and relationship tips??

Well, who cares!! At least I saved some of my precious internet pack for the rest of the month!!



3 thoughts on “Better to scroll than click

  1. This happens because these pages get paid by the number of times people click on their pages. It is called “click baiting”. It is a way for them to make money from their sites. They tend to hide content behind different pages so you will keep clicking. I too wish this would go away!

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