You!! The only bible


I live in Kerala, a state in the south of India, popularly known as God’s own country; Renowned for its natural beauty, tasty food and ayurvedic spas; and a state in India with 100% literacy.

So I guess, I kinda took it for granted. Everyone knew how to read and write.

And it took me a few years stay at a nearby state where I went for my graduate education, to know every Indian cannot read and write!!

While counseling patients regarding use of medication, it became a huge hurdle to cross as we had to etch the timing of each tablet into their memory instead of just writing it on the containers. They couldn’t read it.

Well, there is bible in their language and a lot of evangelical pamphlets and all the written stuff!!


They could read only people…they could read only spoken words.

I know the picture in the beginning of the post doesn’t depict just the literacy part of evangelism hurdle.

There are times when our own co-workers will not read ‘the holy book of Christians’ but they will see and read you.

If we can’t be the BIBLE for them to read, then what is it that we are doing with our life in Christ?

If our actions don’t speak to them about the love of the Father, then shouldn’t we be ashamed of it?


Lord, help me be the bible that the world can read to know You. Help me reflect You in my actions, words and thoughts. Forgive me for all the times when people couldn’t see Jesus in me. Help me think, act and love like You do. In Jesus name I pray,  Amen


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