I am definitely NOT an expert in blogging. But being one of the few among my friends to blog, I have been asked for a few tips to start with.

Believe me when I say the internet is full of tips for it. Just google and the search results seem endless.

So this is an unnecessary post?

Nope. I will just list out my ways and you can sort it out for yourself later.

  • Be yourself


I know being yourself hasn’t helped much in the past years but this is totally another world. Internet is a window for people to be themselves and express without restrains. And being original counts a lot in this area.

  • Read

Before you write, always read a lot.

Read up on the topics if you going for informative posts.

Read other blogs with like interests.

Read a lot in general so your language can really improve a lot.

  • Observe

Go to other blogs and see how they have set it up.

Don’t just copy someone but gather creative ideas for yourself.

The themes, the menus and even placing the widgets is different with the specific purpose each specific blog has.

So observe and learn

  • Short

Keep the posts short.

None spends too much time for reading posts on a regular basis.


Yes, occasional long posts are fine but don’t go for looooooooooooonnnng posts every day.

  • Follow, like and comment

The rookie mistake every new blogger does is to publish a single post and wait for people to find it.


I am sorry to tell you, it doesn’t work that way.

For getting more traffic in, you need to spend some out.

Go to blogs with similar interests, Like their posts, Comment on them and follow them if you like them.

There is no point in holding onto your ego here. (Remember, this is a whole new world)

Everyone likes traffic on their blogs. I know I do; even a ‘nice post’ comment can cheer me up a lot.

  • Ask someone to read

Have a close friend or family member to follow you.

A new pair of eyes is always great while scrutinizing a post.

They can point out spelling mistakes and alignment errors and give you good advice ( my lil sister does that for me)

Be careful, don’t let anyone take away the originality of your posts though.

  • Encourage

Be an encourager to other bloggers. 🙂

There is enough space for all of us in this crazy world. So don’t be selfish.

Tell someone their post is good when you know it is.

  • Social Media

Ah, the other limb of blogging. Publish or share your posts to social media. Also add buttons for others to do so

If you don’t like all the posts from appearing on your Facebook timeline or any other social platform, just don’t connect to blog to Facebook; instead share individual posts you want to share.

  • Frequent

Have frequent posts or at least be regular with the frequency.

One of the mistakes I made with my blogs is that I neglected it when life got busy.

Now what I do is, when I get time, I schedule a couple of blogs over the month and add in others whenever I get free time and speedy internet.

  • Write to the world, not your world

Remember, the internet world is not restricted to your country. It is a worldwide platform (and hence the name)

Keep that in mind so people all over can understand your phrases or add explanations for them.

  • Quality

Have quality posts always.

You can record your meaningless musings in a while but on the whole people like to read something that makes sense and doesn’t make them regret wasting their time on it.

  • Add accessories

Include pics, links and stuff that relates to it.

Make it funny and thought provoking.


Don’t overdo it though

  • Make it neat

A catchy title, perfect alignment and neatly spaced blogs are easy to read.

I have found many good writers with really good stuff just packing the post with words and no space. I took time to read many but it was pretty hard. 😦

Split your posts with spaces and different indents so it is easy to read (And thus fulfill the purpose).

WordPress deletes spaces when you publish them, so here is a quick and easy hack that doesn’t require html knowledge: Just type a letter or a dot in the empty line you want and make the text color white (or whatever your background is).

Justify your text and highlight catchy points.

It is pretty hard to add a perfectly aligned blog from the phone. I wish WordPress app developers would look more into it

  • Attractive

Make your blog attractive.

Don’t go for dull backgrounds and pale colors unless the whole theme is some kind of melancholy.

Make it colorful and attractive

  • Use easy to find tags

In WordPress, searching my tag is an option in the app itself. Until I found that, I used to go with post specific tags but then I realized using common terms like ‘Christian’ ‘Creativity’ ‘Painting’ etc would work out better. 🙂

Of course you can many tags to a post, but be sure to add a commonly searched word for each post.

  • Give credits wherever required

Add credits to posts and pictures shared.

A lot of google images are tough to credit for but at least do it with the posts, even from your own other blogs.

  • Enjoy blogging

Blogging is fun and there is no point in doing it as a chore.

Have fun. 🙂


P.S: There are a thousand more tips on google. Research your way into blogging 🙂



  1. Lots of GREAT advice here! I agree that you need to keep writing even when your stats show that no one read your post, especially in the beginning. Finally, you will reap what you sow, as you mentioned. get out there and comment on and follow other bloggers! Thanks for taking the time to reach out and help others!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The one key thing that you mention here that I like is the fact that you have to put yourself out there. Not many people understand that. They make a post and just wait for the magic to happen, not realizing that they have to make it happen. That is one of the first things I learned while creating my blog, to like and comment others with similar interests. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Content is king here unless your blog is about photography. Carve out your own style and yes all the points mentioned above will bring you accolades. Just that you have to be patient and after that like royalty, the fans would definitely follow. Basically believe in your content and be content with it.. nice post for beginners I must say…

    Liked by 1 person

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