The DESERT and the OASIS

I am thankful for the times of desert in my life.

It is those times that taught me to appreciate the oasis more.

When I read the bible today and feel the Lord revealing a totally new look on it, I just DO NOT take it for granted.

You know why?

Because I know it’s not me or my skills. I mean I really KNOW it.

I have been in a desert when suddenly what I was reading didn’t make any sense to me at all. I spent hours and days and months trying and crying because my brilliant brain which could process all the medical jargon, didn’t understand the simple English of Bible.

Even the psalms slid over me. My brain was completely shut down in front of the Bible.

When it all cleared, I wondered what the purpose of the trial was. And now I know.

The desert has taught me to appreciate the oasis.

Now, every time I read the word of God, I am overwhelmed by His wisdom and His grace to understand the wisdom.

Thank you Lord, for the desert. 🙂

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